Cyclone Energy Group Receives Award from ASHRAE Illinois

Cyclone Energy Group Receives Award from ASHRAE Illinois

December 7

Chicago, IL. Cyclone Energy Group’s work on the 340 On The Park chilled water plant conversion was recently honored with the 2016 Excellence in Engineering award by the Illinois Chapter of ASHRAE. The 2016 Technical Awards Program was held in conjunction with the chapter’s Holiday Party on December 6 at the Willis Tower and recognized outstanding technical projects from the year with an awards ceremony and case studies of the winning projects displayed around the room.

340 On The Park is a 62-story, luxury multi-family high rise constructed in 2007 and managed by Lieberman Management Services. When the building was constructed, the developer chose to utilize a district chilled water service for the building’s cooling needs. In May of 2015, The Association of 340 On The Park retained Cyclone Energy Group to perform a cost analysis to include energy modeling to simulate different chiller types, cooling towers, pump flow configurations and control sequences. The analysis indicated that the building could reduce their annual operating costs by just under $500k. The chillers are anticipated to provide a return on investment in less than ten years and toincrease property values.

Cyclone Energy Group led the RFP to select a contractor to execute this project turnkey. After the project was awarded to Hill Mechanical Group, construction began in March and culminated in a dramatic helicopter pick to lift two 16 foot long, 500 ton chillers and place them on the 63rd floor through a temporary roof opening in June 2016. The project was commissioned in August and completed in September when the district cooling service was shut down.

The success of this huge undertaking was made possible by the strong partnership between the Association of 340 On The Park and Cyclone Energy Group.

2016 ASHRAE Award Poster

2016 Excellence in Engineering Award

Amy Eickhoff, Lieberman Management Services, and Benny Skelton, Cyclone Energy Group

Amy Eickhoff (Lieberman Management Services) and Benny Skelton (Cyclone Energy Group)