Engineers Week 2021 Team Feature: Robert Rugala

Engineers Week is a time to celebrate the work of our talented engineers and to inspire the next generation of innovators. This week we will feature a few of our Cyclone Energy Group team members. In keeping with this year’s theme, “Imagining Tomorrow”, we asked them to share their thoughts on how they are imagining the future.

Next up is Robert Rugala. Robert joined the team in 2020 as a Senior Commissioning Project Manager. In this role he is responsible for organizing and performing commissioning duties for projects. He works to review project documents and schedules, perform functional equipment testing, and maintain lasting communication with clients. He also works with the Real Estate Services team on new monitoring-based commissioning projects for utility incentive programs as well as new construction projects. A native of the city of Tarnow in eastern Poland, Robert graduated from Maritime University of Szczecin, Poland with a Master’s of Science in Marine Engineering. In his free time, Robert likes to watch Formula 1 racing and work on his car. He also likes to go fishing and hiking.

      • Why did you want to be an engineer? I wanted to become an engineer because I like to use my creativity every day and have the opportunity to come up with solutions to problems that others may not have even considered.
      • What is your coolest project experience? I had the opportunity to work on a project for the Department of Veterans Affairs. I served as one of the Energy Engineers for the development of retro-commissioning studies, energy models, proposed energy conservation measures (ECMs) including return on investment analysis and energy engineering services during the implementation phase. Six teams surveyed 1,100 facilities totaling 42.5 Million sq.ft. over a five-month period.
      • How are you imagining tomorrow? To me, I imagine tomorrow as a time to build off of the progress of yesterday, in order to continue to innovate and facilitate positive change.

Happy Engineers Week from Cyclone Energy Group!