Engineers Week 2021 Team Feature: Sumayyah Theron

Engineers Week is a time to celebrate the work of our talented engineers and to inspire the next generation of innovators. This week we are featuring a few of our Cyclone Energy Group team members. In keeping with this year’s theme, “Imagining Tomorrow”, we asked them to share their thoughts on how they are imagining the future.

Meet Sumayyah Theron. Sumayyah joined the Cyclone team in 2016. As the Manager of Technical Services, Sumayyah manages new and existing business development efforts and provides technical and engineering services in supporting new and existing commercial buildings. She manages the team’s workflow and deliverables. Concurrently, she is studying to become a licensed Engineer! Sumayyah graduated from De Montfort University in Leicester, UK with a Master of Science in Energy and Sustainable Building Design. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology. She is an avid equestrian with passion for show jumping. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors with her family.

      • Why did you want to be an engineer? I studied architecture and practiced for several years in Jordan. Practicing there gave me the opportunity to compare our modern designs to the old-world architecture. I was always fascinated by buildings that were thermally comfortable without any HVAC systems. Although very heavy structures, they were truly passive buildings that stood the test of time! After gaining several years of experience I decided to go for my Masters in Energy and Sustainable Building Design. As an architect I believed we can design better from a sustainability point of view. Many years later I organically drifted away from practicing architecture and my career focus switched to sustainability. Helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals became my passion. As my career developed, I became the Manager of Technical Services at Cyclone Energy Group, where the focus of my team is meeting code and sustainability standards for different certifications. My career developed further as a natural result of helping our clients. I became a Fitwel Ambassador, a Green Globes Professional, and a WELL Performance Testing Agent. I am also working on obtaining my WELL AP credentials. In addition to that, I joined ASHRAE and became an active member, which I highly recommend, and I am slowly working on becoming a licensed Engineer. It has been such a journey. I am fortunate to work in a role that facilitates collaboration between architects, owners, and engineers to create buildings that are sustainable, healthy, and resilient.
      • What is your coolest project experience? Every project I worked on has been an exciting experience. My most memorable experience is not necessarily a specific project, but rather the gradual decision I made to embark on my journey to become an engineer. Being out of school for such a long time, having a foreign degree, juggling my full-time job, and motherhood has been a very challenging journey. But it has been and still is a very rewarding one. It gave me the confidence that I can do whatever it is I set my mind to, regardless of what stage I am in my career or personal life. I have a few more steps left, I am almost there!
      • How are you imagining tomorrow? I imagine a tomorrow where healthy and resilient buildings are the “code minimum” and not something “extra” we get to do for some projects. I get very excited when we work with a project team that is forward thinking when it comes to sustainability and I wish we can do more for projects that are not there yet.

Happy Engineers Week from Cyclone Energy Group!